Our Differentiators


We know that identifying the right strategy and best market opportunities is complicated. When you partner with ST Advisors, we promise to guide you through the process and give you personalized strategic counsel that delivers an honest assessment of your prospects, valuation, competitive dynamics, and ultimate buyers, targets, or partners.


Advisors You Can Trust

Our core belief is that the best relationships are based on trust, honesty, and integrity. We care about our clients, both as people and as companies, and so we focus on doing what is in their best interests. In return, our clients trust us to be their partner when they need help working through the most critical issues and important decisions in their companies’ life cycle.

Distinctive Experience and Perspective

Our unique skill set combines expertise in equity research, investment banking, and corporate strategy. This distinctive experience and perspective enable us to think like an investor, operator, and banker, providing our clients with a 360-degree assessment of their company and its specific challenges.

Influential Industry Relationships

ST Advisors brings more than two decades of healthcare-focused experience. During that time, we’ve developed relationships with some of the most influential leaders in industry, private equity, venture funding, and banking — relationships that we can call upon to support our clients’ goals.

Personalized Client Service

We love the work we do and the people we work with, and our clients tell us that it shows! Every engagement is a collaboration, and interaction with our principals ensures direct accountability and exceptional service.

  • Intellectual Integrity

    Intellectual integrity is core to how we do business. We make sure our clients have the information they need to make decisions — even when that information may be challenging to hear.
  • Life is Short

    It’s important to work with people we respect, trust, and with whom we genuinely enjoy working.
  • Our Reputation is our Most Important Asset

  • Our Work is Meaningful and Important

    Our clients trust us to help them grapple with some of the most critical issues facing their businesses. Not only is this important, it’s truly an honor, and one that we take very seriously. That said, we avoid taking ourselves too seriously.
  • Transparency is Vital

    The best way to deal with the potential conflicts of interest that inevitably arise is to remember (in the words of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis) “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”
  • A Long-Term Perspective

    Not every client interaction needs to drive revenue. We firmly believe that if we work with good people and add value, we will ultimately be rewarded.
  • Giving Back

    We have many things to be grateful for: health; meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues and clients; mentors in our past; and interesting work in our future. Recognizing our good fortune, we are committed to helping others and, to that end, donate 1% of revenues each year to charities whose work we believe in. To date these have included:

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