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IOD was a leader in full-suite Healthcare Information Management (HIM) services, technology and solutions. They served more than 1,800 hospitals, healthcare systems and clinics around the country in streamlining and simplifying their HIM workflow.


As a leading Health Information Management vendor, IOD’s core business was rapidly evolving as Electronic Medical Records became pervasive throughout the U.S. healthcare ecosystem. To assist with their internal strategic planning efforts, IOD engaged ST Advisors in spring 2012 to review industry trends affecting IOD’s suite of offerings and to provide a thorough analysis of near and long-term market opportunities for the company.

We began with a review of broad industry trends and a deep dive into the trends directly affecting IOD’s current business. With an understanding of the broader ecosystem, we worked with IOD to evaluate its core strengths and competencies. We then identified potential opportunities for IOD, both in logical extensions of their current business, and in newer markets where the company could repurpose its strengths. Our work focused on areas where IOD’s specific technology and service competencies could address emerging business needs and deliver differentiated value compared to its competitors.


With opportunities identified, we set about evaluating each in terms of market size, competitive landscape, and implications for IOD. Ultimately, we were able to identify and evaluate several promising opportunities for IOD, as well as to identify and provide introductions to several potential partners. We’re proud that the result of our work served as the cornerstone of IOD’s long-term growth strategy.

In September 2015, IOD was acquired by Healthport.

"The team at ST Advisors helped IOD navigate the uncertainty of our fluid market sector with candor and out-of-the-box thinking. We needed to pick a course that not only capitalized on the potential of the changes, but also wasn’t going to ultimately be rendered irrelevant by longer-term technology and industry trends. Their detailed diligence focused on the areas where our specific technology could solve emerging business trends and deliver a differentiated perspective. The result of that diligence serves as the cornerstone of our long-term growth strategy. The depth of their relationships allowed us to connect with key potential industry partners, and the level of focus and attention we received from Ben and Michelle is something we would never have experienced with more mainstream advisory firms. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and transform, we look forward to continuing our partnership with ST Advisors."

– George Abatjoglou


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